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Tatry Group Aug 3, 2022 9:00:00 AM 5 min read

How To Keep A Commercial Washroom Clean

The people who use the restroom in your office are equally responsible for keeping it clean as your cleaning staff. More than 200 million germs are present on your hands every square inch after you use the restroom.

Various microorganisms can be found in restrooms, making them prime locations for contracting infections and viruses at work. With more workers returning to the office, it's critical that your facility recognises the value of a spotless restroom.

Correct restroom maintenance can result in improved workplace hygiene, better employee engagement, and fewer sick days are taken.

Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

We highly recommend working with a commercial cleaning company in Milton Keynes or your local area to maintain high cleaning standards. Working with a professional cleaning provider guarantees your washrooms will be cleaned from top to bottom.

You can organise how often you have your cleaning teams attend and work around the needs of your business. If your office is busy and in use most of the working day, you might consider having your bathrooms cleaned more than once daily.

Working with a dedicated cleaning organisation ensures your washroom is on top of all cleaning, for example, limescale build-up and removal. Cleaning the base of the toilet, where the dust may build up, is often a place that gets missed; not only can this look dirty, but it can also collect germs. These are all things you might not think to do but can harbour bacteria and look messy. 

washroom sinks

Having The Right Consumables To Keep Your Washroom Clean

Ensure your business is starting with suitable consumables. You can hire a cleaning team, but without the right cleaning products in place, you may find it slightly harder to tackle bacteria build-up.

More organisations are now opting for paper towels over drying machines. A study released by Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology has shown that high-speed hand dryers can leave more contamination on your hands than hand towels. Not everyone will have the same mindset when it comes to washing their hands, and using hand dryers can elevate the spread of bacteria, some of which can be found in faeces.


toilet rolls

Who would have thought toilet paper or towels could make such a big difference to the spread of germs and the cleanliness of your washroom? Having a toilet roll lying around can be detrimental to the spread of viruses; think of how many of your employees would need to pick the toilet roll up to pull a sheet off. Toilet paper dispensers that allow one sheet at a time are a much more efficient and safer option.

Regarding soap dispensers, there are a range of commercial options to choose from. Manual push dispensers to automatic systems that you don’t have to touch, soap or foam, large or small. It can be a little overwhelming to choose a suitable soap dispenser for your organisation. We highly recommend looking at Which Is The Best Commercial Soap Dispenser in 2021? By Intelligent Facility Solutions for an in-depth breakdown of options.

soap dispenser

Toilet brushes are essential to washrooms and should never be left out. You may be wondering whether toilet brushes in a commercial space are hygienic. They are as long as they are cleaned adequately and replaced frequently. When toilet brushes are forgotten, the toilet's base can become discoloured quickly, making it harder to clean. Toilet brushes also ensure your toilets look sanitary for users and visitors throughout the day. 

Some of our clients have recently installed an innovative product into their washroom facilities: bidet toilets. A luxury toilet with sanitisation at the forefront of its innovation, not only do they often have seat cover options that are changed after every use by the electronic toilet but they can also be used as a bidet for extra personal hygiene. Take a look at Washloo, one of the UK’s leading luxury innovative/electronic toilet suppliers.

Air fresheners are absolutely essential to commercial washrooms. A foul odour from the washroom facility can be very telling of the cleanliness and hygiene of your workplace. If you have regular visitors or guests, you will want to ensure your bathrooms always smell pleasant. 

Hygiene Practices

You may think it is common sense that everyone would wash their hands once using the washroom. However, 55% of employees wash their hands for less than the recommended 20 minutes, and according to, many brits admit to not washing their hands after using the toilet.

Following washroom hygiene best practices means placing hand washing signage within your bathrooms. Advise people to place the relevant products in the toilet or sanitary bins. Along with educating your employees on what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet.

washing hands


Top Tips For Cleaning

The most important advice we will give you is to adhere to a colour coding system when cleaning your washroom facilities. The last thing you want to do is use the same cleaning cloth on your toilet as your sink. Here at Tatry Group, we follow the British Institute Of Cleaning Science colour coding system, which clearly defines which products should be used for each area within a commercial facility.

Cleaning the toilets can be a little unappealing, but when done in the correct way, it can be maintained in a quick and easy manner. Always start from the top of your toilets and work your way down; this means you clean the handles first and then the toilet seat. By working in this format, you can drastically reduce the spread of germs and bacteria throughout your washroom facility.


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You may be under the impression your washroom sinks are one of the cleanest places in your facility, but you couldn't be more wrong. 71% of your sinks surface is covered in bacteria, which can spread across the unit and other surfaces, the most common bacteria that can be found in this area are: E. coli, Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus.

Knowing how to clean the washroom floor properly is essential, as it can cause a multitude of accidents with excess water being left around. First, we recommend that all bathroom floors be swept to remove any dust, debris, and dirt. Using the colour-coded cleaning system, you should be using a mop to clean the floors that is dedicated to your washroom. Make sure to take care specifically around the toilets, sinks and dryers as these areas can collect odours.