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Tatry Group Sep 15, 2022 9:00:00 AM 6 min read

Why Is Green Cleaning Important To Your Business

Nowadays, most companies are quite aware of sustainability and what they can do to lessen their carbon footprint. Most organisations concentrate on their internal achievements towards being more sustainable and often disregard the service providers they use.


Most businesses are unaware that cleaning services routinely utilise a variety of environmentally harmful products on their site. Here at Tatry Group, we have been among the commercial cleaning businesses at the forefront of transforming their operations to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. 


Throughout this article, we explore the possible repercussions of employing hazardous cleaning solutions and how switching to green cleaning could significantly improve your facilities and staff's well-being.


Environmental Implications Of Cleaning Products 

Cleaning products can impact both internal and external environments, from polluted air within offices to damaging the water that runs through the facility. 


The chemicals that cleaning supplies contain are one of the leading causes of concern. These substances can potentially affect the ecosystem both nearby and far away. Once they impact the environment, they can also significantly impact the health of those living and working around the local area.  

window cleaning

Various cleaning solutions available are used regularly, yet many of them can contaminate regional water supplies. Some cleaning supplies don't decompose, which can negatively affect water pollution.


Single-use plastic, known to not degrade after use, is used for packaging because of its chemical composition. Single-use plastic is notorious for being disposed of in landfills, where it frequently remains for years.


While aerosols' packaging is more likely to be recycled, the gas that remains inside the canister of the aerosol is particularly destructive to the ozone layer. 


Health Implications Of Cleaning Products 

As a result of their corrosive nature, many cleaning products can have serious negative effects on health. They can harm or injure the skin and eyes if not used properly or carefully. They can trigger asthma and other breathing issues if the proper controls aren't in place and irritate the skin.


Aerosol or spray products may affect respiration if used in excess, on a heated surface, or with insufficient ventilation.


When chemicals are mixed, they can often cause harm or injury. When bleach substances are mixed with acidic toilet cleaners, they are likely to give off chemical gases that can be harmful to inhale. These chemical vapours are often known as volatile organic compounds and can be found in a number of cleaning products used for windows, carpets and upholstery. 

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What Is Green Cleaning?

Commercial or industrial cleaning that uses less harmful, non-toxic agents and chemicals are known as "green cleaning." Green cleaning can also involve the manufacturing and distribution processes of the products; all green cleaning products are stored in recyclable, biodegradable packaging.


Green cleaning isn't always about the products you use, as this may not always be initially possible. Many organisations adopt practices and procedures to their cleaning standards. 


How To Switch To Green Cleaning Products?

Switching to green cleaning services and products doesn't have to be challenging. Making the change can help transform your business and can often put you in a positive light with your consumers.  


If you are looking to use the green cleaning method and are not too sure where to start, it's worth looking for organisations that supply sustainable cleaning products. There are now a large number of businesses that provide eco-friendly cleaning products. You don't have to change all of your cleaning products in one go; taking one step at a time allows you to ensure the cleaning products work for you and your teams. 


Ensure that all teams are aware of the advantages of green cleaning and how to utilise eco-friendly cleaning supplies effectively. Following these steps to using the green cleaning method, you enhance the health and well-being of your clients and employees as well as protect both internal and external environments. 


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How Does Green Commercial Cleaning Help Your Business? 

It can often be difficult to know whether switching to green cleaning will benefit your organisation; however, it can be healthier for your cleaning staff and come with a multitude of benefits. 


Reducing Company Costs 

There is often a misconception that environmentally friendly cleaning products are expensive. Most products may be slightly more expensive in the first instance of purchasing however are very cost-effective in the long run. For instance, the Toucan Eco is more expensive to buy initially. However, after it is set up, all you need to create a solution that may kill up to 99.9% of bacteria is running water and table salt.


Protect Surfaces and Equipment 

Bleach and other harmful products can be damaging to equipment and surfaces. Being a strong substance, bleach has the potential to leave stains or degrade some materials. Certain cleaning agents can destroy the barrier that protects countertops, workstations, and desks. Natural products are less harmful and are better at prolonging and protecting your surfaces and furniture. 


Ingredients Awareness 

Going green as a company increases your awareness of the components in your cleaning products. It prompts you to assess any products that can be harmful to your teams or the environment.


Less Package Waste & Less Storage Space 

The majority of cleaning solutions come in single-use plastic containers because of the toxic nature of the ingredients they contain. All of this plastic is disposed of in landfills, harming the environment.


Since many eco-friendly cleaning products are non-corrosive, they can be utilised in multipurpose packaging, which is much more environmentally friendly.


Green cleaning can be a good option for businesses that may lack space because it requires less storage for supplies.


Creates A Healthy Workplace

Products that are hazardous not only harm the people who use them, but they can also negatively affect your internal teams and the environment in which they are used. The most common signs of exposure to harmful cleaning agents include headaches, skin irritation, and respiratory problems. Your employees are on-site for extended periods, and these solutions are utilised daily to clean your facilities; therefore, its imperative green cleaning products are used. 


Employees also value that management is taking their health seriously with the products that are used. Employers who practise green cleaning show that they care about the health and welfare of their staff, visitors, and clients.


Enhances Your Brands Reputation

Consumers today are increasingly aware of their purchasing power and seek out businesses that successfully deliver goods and services in a sustainable manner.


Customers are willing to pay extra for the goods and services provided by sustainable businesses because they have a higher perception of their brand.


Working With A Sustainable Cleaning Service Providers

If you are unsure of how to take the task of switching to sustainable cleaning, we recommend working with a commercial cleaning company such as Tatry Group. We offer sustainable office cleaning services in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. 


Working with a commercial cleaning provider takes the stress away from you and allows your cleaning company to get on with all of your cleaning needs and requirements.

Cleaning providers will know and understand what cleaning products are best to use on your site and can make recommendations on how to become greener and eco-friendly.